January 19, 2020

Doctoral candidate

After writing a dissertation, publishing articles and a monograph, an applicant for a doctoral degree prepares a dissertation for defense at the dissertation council.

Preparation for defense consists of several stages. At the first stage, an examination is carried out in the organization of the applicant, the results of which are presented in the form of a conclusion. The conclusion should reflect the participation of the applicant in obtaining the results of the study, the reliability, novelty and practical significance of the results, the conformity of a particular specialty, and the completeness of the reflection of the results of the work in the author’s publications.

At the next stage, the applicant submits a dissertation to the council for preliminary consideration. After reviewing the dissertation, a commission of council members submits to the council a conclusion on the correspondence of the submitted paper to the profile of the council, the completeness of the reflection of the research results in the published papers of the applicant, the significance of the results obtained by the applicant for science and practice. The conclusion also provides recommendations on the appointment of opponents and the lead organization.

Based on the results of the preliminary review by the dissertation council, a decision is made to accept the dissertation for defense, after which the commission prepares a draft conclusion of the dissertation council on the dissertation. The draft conclusion reflects the most significant scientific results obtained personally by the applicant, the reliability of the research results, the novelty and significance of the obtained scientific results, recommendations on the use of research results, a qualification assessment of the dissertation is given.

The decision of the council also determines the date of defense of the dissertation, opponents and a leading organization are appointed. The next stage is the organization of the defense of the dissertation, which includes the placement of a defense announcement, work with opponents and the leading organization, paperwork, dissemination of dissertations and abstracts, distribution of abstracts and feedback on it, work with council members and other organizational activities.

After a successful defense, the applicant must prepare a transcript of the board meeting and the conclusion of the board, as well as all documents. Thus, the applicant for a doctorate degree must refuse practically everything that would go this way or instruct our highly professional specialists to prepare dissertation writing step by step.

Upon receipt of using dissertation writing freelancing jobs our experts initially prepare a paper concept, which briefly describes the relevance of the work, the purpose and objectives of the dissertation research in 8-10 pages, proposes scientific provisions, considers the scientific novelty of the dissertation, as well as other main characteristics of the dissertation .

The concept of the dissertation research, as well as the developed plan of the dissertation, is transferred to the doctoral candidate for approval, after which our specialists begin writing the doctoral dissertation. The dissertation is written in stages in chapters. For each chapter, 4-6 scientific articles are written. The results of the work on the stage are transferred to the doctoral student for approval. After the chapter is approved by the doctoral student, work begins on the next stage, taking into account the comments and wishes of the doctoral candidate in the previous stage.